The Jabber Test Suite

Developed by Dustin Puryear ( Please email me with any bug reports or feature suggestions!

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The Jabber Test Suite (JabberTest) is a collection of software that can be used to test various characteristics of your Jabber-based service. Data that can be collected includes:

You can also use the various outputs of the tools to create your own test cases. The idea behind the suite is to provide several well-tuned to specific tools that dump out information about how they interact with Jabber and their test suite peers (i.e.., msgloadsnd and msgloadrec in the suite).

The software has currently been tested on a number of UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems, including:

For information on installing and using the software read INSTALL and USING in the source archive, respectively. Note that the suite does rely on expat for XML parsing. Instructions on how to get and install expat are included in INSTALL.

Using the suite is easy enough. You do need to be running an internal Jabber server, or have access to one that you wish to test. Output is in columns, as shown below:

[dpuryear@crack testsuite]$ ./pasvlogin -h crack -u 6
0 998320640.079130 998320640.092117 0.012987
1 998320640.099936 998320640.107248 0.007312 
2 998320640.120114 998320640.128465 0.008351 
3 998320640.141298 998320640.150445 0.009147
4 998320640.160059 998320640.170083 0.010024 
5 998320640.180169 998320640.191179 0.011010 

Here pasvlogin is logging in 6 users, each login taking about 0.01 seconds. Another example is the order of delivered messages and the amount of time required to receieve the messages:

[dpuryear@crack testsuite]$ ./msgloadrec -h crack -t test_1 -d
0 0 998322923.815560 998322923.816672 0.001112 1 1 998322923.824633 998322923.834102 0.009469 2 2 998322923.834467 998322923.854103 0.019636
Again, learn more in the USING document.

Learn how to download Jabber via CVS.

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The Jabber Test Suite began life while I worked for a company trying to do media over the Internet. I developed the suite to test an in-house build of Jabber to make sure it could handle the necessary load. The company is no more, but the suite lives on. I have recently updated the software to be more portable across UNIX systems (as of February 2003), and hope to keep the suite alive for a while longer.

The Jabber Test Suite is hosted on SourceForge at You are currently at the project's homepage at